A contestant on Seven’s Bride and Prejudice blurted away a tremendously intimate information about her partner during team therapy.

Bride’s shocking television sex confession (Bride and Prejudice)

A bride that is soon-to-be Channel 7’s household test Bride and Prejudice revealed intimate facts about her partner’s sex-life.

Supply:Channel 7

A bride showcased on Channel 7’s Bride and Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings shocked contestants that are fellow she bluntly revealed that her partner happens to be not able to satisfy her for 6 months.

Talking straight to the digital digital camera with her fiance by her side in Thursday night’s episode, contestant Dannii said “I don’t think I’ve come in like 6 months … much longer,” while her partner Denton smiled awkwardly in the ground.

Early in the day, she had told a space packed with strangers which he “lasted like 15 moments” the very last time they’d intercourse.

Denton looked really uncomfortable as their fiance talked about her unsatisfying sex-life on nationwide tv. Picture: Channel 7.